Welcome to Sacred Mesa Healing, a place where you can learn more about the power, purpose, and potential of Shamanic Energy Medicine.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient healing practice based on the wisdom of the medicine men and women of the Andes.  An approach that addresses imbalance on every level of your being, shamanic work offers you a pathway to swift and effective healing.

Repetitive emotional patterns, chronic pain and recurring trauma are clues to areas in our mind/body/soul that seek healing.  Sometimes it is hard for us to identify how our stories hold us in their grip, and that is the job of the shamanic practitioner; to track symptoms back to the root cause, and to work with you to transform it. Working with a shaman is like taking a journey with a trusted guide… one who knows the territory and can travel on your behalf, bringing back gifts and resources to help you move forward with ease in your daily life.

Sessions last an average of 90 minutes and include a brief conversation followed by energy work.  Energy work is done fully clothed while lying on a treatment table. As energy blockages are cleared, you’ll begin to access vital life energy that’s been missing.  This enables you to see your world in a whole new way and you’ll leave the session feeling more resourced.  After the session you are given follow-up activities to do on your own to help you integrate the session. This private personal work you’ll do is equally as important as the work you do with the shaman.

Shamanic work is all about empowering you to create deep wellness and to foster the connection to your own inner wisdom. Take a step toward creating the life you were truly meant to live! 

I look forward to hearing from you and becoming your guide as you claim the freedom, joy and abundance that have always been yours!

Nannette Chisholm
Certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

"Open a lookout


  Dance on a brink             

  Run with your wildfire.


           You are closer to glory

                                             leaping an abyss

                than upholstering a rut."

  James Broughton

  From Take The Whole Kit